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You have requirements to meet and a business to power. We help you do that.

AMP Quality Energy Services performs acceptance and maintenance tests on electrical power apparatuses.

We help you fulfill your requirements in accordance with:

– National Fire Protection Associations (NFPA) 70 National Electric Code,

– American National Standards Institute (ANSI), IEEE, and IEC recommendations and

– Our commitment as a NETA Accredited Company.

We also provide consultation for industrial, commercial and utilities electrical preventive maintenance (EPM) programs.


What We Can Do For You

Testing & Certification

Maintenance & REpair


Consultation & Training

Electrical Disaster Recovery

Standby Generators 

Circuit Breakers



Our values

God. Employees. Clients.

We believe that as a business, it is our privilege and responsibility to serve and honor God in how we conduct our business.

That means that we are going to take care of our employees and their families.

That also means that we are going to exceed our clients’ expectations and treat them with fairness, respect and integrity.

From Brian Rodgers

Resources to Power

With our time-honored commitment to client care, AMP works hard to provide your organization customized electrical testing services. We provide our clients with  a range of proven, effective and up-to-date solutions to help you fulfill your electrical system requirements. We never cut corners in our endeavor to give you the very best.

The power in our company comes from our employees. Our technicians offer the character and expertise that helps us tackle a wide range of commercial and industrial electrical applications. The end result is service designed to maintain the highest safety standards and optimize your business’ electrical performance.

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