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We believe that as a business, it is our privilege and responsibility to serve and honor God in how we conduct our business.  That means that we are going to take care of our employees and their families. That also means that we are going to exceed our clients’ expectations and treat them with fairness, respect and integrity.


Core Values

  • Attentiveness: Showing the worth of a person or task by giving our undivided concentration.
  • Commitment: Devoting ourselves to following up on our words (promises, pledges, or vows) with action.
  • Creativity: Approaching a need, a task or an idea from a new perspective.
  • Dependability: Fulfilling what we consented to do even if it means unexpected sacrifice.
  • Diligence: Visualizing each task as a special assignment and using all our energies to accomplish it.
  • Integrity: Being whole and complete in moral and ethical principles
  • Poise: Being totally balanced in mind, body(physical/financial),
    and spirit(keeping our mission from God part of our daily focus).


To further the gospel while sustaining exceptional employment, providing quality services to the energy industry.


Committed to extraordinary quality while exhibiting servant leadership, exceeding our clients’ objectives of safety and reliability.


AMP Quality Energy Services performs acceptance and maintenance tests on electrical power apparatuses.

Amazon Fulfilment Center

Acceptance testing on the new facility located in Huntsville, Alabama.

Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology

Arc Flash, coordination, and short circuit analysis engineering studies. Power load surveys to facilitate expansion.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing MTMUS

Performed Acceptance testing on the paint shop and data center. Continued support for MTMUS maintenance team.

DaikyoNishikawa Corporation

Automotive manufacturing feeder plant to MTMUS, performed acceptance testing during construction and startup.
Conducted Short Circuit Study to assist in making foreign manufactured production machines adhere to NFPA National Electric Code.


Automotive injection molding facility needed foreign manufactured process equipment listed for service. AMP engineered the electrical installation to reduce fault current
to meet the process equipment requirement.

Packaging Corporation of America

Maintenance testing and upgrade legacy
systems to microprocessor electrical controls.

Georgia Pacific

Maintenance testing at multiple sites in the Southeast.

United Launch Alliance Decatur, AL

AMP has been blessed to partner with United Launch Alliance for over ten years providing maintenance testing and certifying their DOD ground points throughout the facility.

Carpenter Technology Corporation in Tanner, AL

AMP performed the acceptance testing during new construction and performed the engineering studies (arc flash, coordination, short circuit analysis) for the data center.

Carpenter Technology Emerging Technology Center Tanner, AL

Performed acceptance testing and system load studies for North America’s most advanced additive manufacturing facility.

Daikin America
Decatur, AL

Daikin America has depended on AMP Quality Energy Services for emergency services, maintenance testing, and acceptance testing for many years.

NATO Headquarters Brussels, Belgium

AMP supports the United States Department of State Bureau of Overseas Building Operations in many parts of the world. One such project was the United States wing of the NATO headquarters building.

BASF Huntsville, AL

Twelve years of support at BASF Huntsville, acceptance testing, maintenance testing, power quality analysis and emergency support services.

Camp Lemonnier

Djibouti, Africa

Through the Corps of Engineers, AMP helped facilitate the upgrade to the backup power systems for the United States Naval Expeditionary Base, Camp Lemmonier.

Metro Water Services Nashville, TN

Multi-year maintenance testing contract with the City of Nashville Metro Services.

Nashville Soccer Club Stadium

Acceptance Testing contract for the innovative new Nashville Soccer Club Stadium.

Wayne Farms Decatur, AL

Multi-year support for all phases of the chicken processing from Hatchery, Feed Mill, Kill Plant, and Further Processing.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Redstone Arsenal, AL

Acceptance testing and light dispersion survey.

Bunge North America
Decatur, AL

Performed electrical systems upgrades
to microprocessor controls. Networked metering system to allow each business unit to see their individual power consumption. Arc flash, coordination and short circuit studies.

Nektar Therapeutics
Huntsville, AL

 Routinely perform ground testing for laboratory static ground plates. Acceptance testing and multi-year maintenance testing intervals.

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