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AMP calibration

Why Calibrate?

With modern devices and technology, you may wonder why it’s still necessary to calibrate. The truth is, even today’s digital instruments can experience “drift.” Verifying that all of the instruments in your system are measuring alike through the calibration process can help avoid costly mistakes. Calibration improves the accuracy of your measurement instruments and is necessary to ensure ongoing results, accuracy, and repeatability. 

Why AMP Calibration?

Calibration performed by AMP’s qualified technicians offers affordable peace of mind  that your equipment is performing as designed and with accuracy you can trust. We focus on quality with quick turnaround times to ensure your facility’s up-time. With the availability of onsite calibration, as well as pick-up and delivery at your location, AMP relieves all your transportation worries. From temperature to pressure, mechanical to electrical, AMP Calibration has it covered. We treat our customers with care and integrity. All calibrations are National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable with certifications.


  • Quick turnaround
  • Express pickup and delivery
  • Onsite lab
  • Worry-free document control
  • Controlled calibration environment
  • Reliability
  • NIST controlled calibrations

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