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Hot Stick and Glove Testing

OSHA regulations require that Insulated Protective Equipment (IPE) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be inspected and/or tested to specific safety, quality and performance criteria are met. AMP’s commitment to detail, accuracy, and precision throughout our comprehensive hot stick and electrical glove testing processes ensures your equipment ensures your team’s maximum protection.

    Hot Stick Testing

    Hot sticks are subject to damage from a variety of sources, including weather, storage, and daily use. While OSHA standard 1926.926(j)(2)(i) requires that “each liveline tool shall be wiped clean and visually inspected for defects before use each day,” a thorough examination and testing is recommended at least every 12 months.

    AMP’s hot stick testing process verifies the integrity of your tool’s insulating quality and mechanical performance. We test every aspect of a hot stick to ensure no defects that would cause it to fail during use. 


    Glove Testing

    OSHA’s 269 standard requires everyone who is within the minimum approach distance to  exposed energized conductors to wear insulating/rubber gloves. Like all personal protective equipment (PPE), the quality and functionality of rubber gloves are essential to keeping users safe. That’s where AMP can help.

    AMP’s comprehensive rubber glove testing process adheres to OSHA 1910.137(b)(2) requirements and ASTM F496 standard specifications. We inspect your equipment for damage from heat, light, humidity, chemical substances, embedded objects, and more. Conditions or incidents that may damage a glove’s insulating properties could include punctures, tears, swelling, losing elasticity, or hardening. Most importantly, AMP subjects your gloves to rigourous electrical testing.

    Glove Management Program

    Per OSHA 1910.137(b)(2), insulated gloves must be electrically tested at “regular intervals of not more than six months.” To help your company meet this compliance requirement, AMP offers our convenient glove management program.

    When you participate in AMP’s glove management program, our technicians will collect your gloves that are due for testing and provide you with freshly-inspected, compliant sets.

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