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The FlexIR CAP-B Series for non-segmented bus bar systems is a large format combination infrared, visual and ultraviolet inspection window specifically designed for the power generation and large power user market. The bolted window design also acts as an access port for repairs as it can be easily removed to allow the engineer access to repair the fault. Once refitted, the bus bar system can be re-energized and the repaired joint can be inspected to confirm that the repair was effective.

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Unparalleled Field of View

Unlike the round infrared windows the large format IRISS CAP-B Series and custom infrared windows have a far superior field of view. The CAP-B Series has a large FOV which gives the thermographer the ability of infinite viewing angles inside the switchgear. Reducing the number of infrared windows needed typically reduces the cost of the installation and product purchases required by over 50%.

Fixed and Stable Transmission

Polymer based infrared windows are unaffected by the environmental and mechanical stresses that degrade the transmission of crystal based IR windows which are fragile and hygroscopic (even when coated). The polymer IR window systems will maintain fixed and stable transmission (FAST) for the life of the installation ensuring that the temperature data collected through the IR window is accurate and reliable for the whole life of the installation.

Tested and Certified to The Highest Industry Standards

IRISS IR windows are the most certified windows in the industry with IEEE (impact & load), UL, cUL, Lloyds, CSA 22.2 14-13 for industrial control equipment. Our marine certifications are Lloyds, DNV and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) credentials. IRISS IR windows are also arc tested to IEC 62271-200 Arc Flash Spec test 1.1 Second Duration, IEC 60262271-200: 63kA, IEC 60298 Appendix: 63kA, IEEE C37.20.7 Type 2B: 63kA,

Proudly Made in the United States

IRISS manufactures and assembles all products at our global headquarters located in Bradenton, FL.

Protected by our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

The IRISS Unconditional lifetime warranty is unique in the IR industry as it not only applies not only to the workmanship of the window housing but also applies to the durability and stability of the optic in the proposed environment. No other manufacturer can offer this because crystal optics will fail over time, and are only able to at best offer a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

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6" IR Window for Non-segmented Bus CAP-B-6 ($699.00), 12" IR Window for Non-segmented Bus CAP-B-12 ($899.00), 24" IR Window for Non-segmented Bus CAP-B-24 ($1099.00)


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